Porsche Service & Repair:
GTS Car Service has a wide variety tooling and expertise to affect just about any kind of repair that you’re Porsche might require. From engine rebuilds to cabriolet tops, from electrical problems to broken brackets, our staff is well equipped to return your Porsche to its original condition in a professional manner.

We also pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest computer technology, such as the Porsche® system tester, Porsche updates, and factory tooling. Being a shop that exclusively services Porsche cars doesn’t hurt either.


Porsche Pre Purchase Inspection:

Our inspections include full visual inspections, inside and out, over and under.

Road test, function tests, compression test and much more. The recommendation often is very dependant on the buyer's needs and wants. What may be a great buy for one person might not be for someone else.









PORSCHE  SERVICE - (includes parts + labor)
  • Engine inspection
    •  System Diagnose.
    • Engine oil and filter replacement / includes Fully Syenth. 5W40 Oil and Engine flush.
    • Replace spark plugs.
    • Replace fuel filter.
    • Replace air filters.
    • Coolant system check, flush and replace antifreeze.
    • Replace ignition coils .
    • Check engine mountings.


  • Brake inspection
    • Check brake pad thickness and condition.
    • Inspect brake discs and lines.
    • Replace brake fluid.
    • Skimming rotor discs.


  • Function Check
    • Inspect airbag and rubber mounts.
    • Check TPM system battery.
    • Inspect windshield wiper and washer.
    • Check battery condition and charging system.
    • Inspect fuel lines, coolant systems and air inlets.
    • check under chassis for all kind of damage.
    Engine oil and filter replacement / includes TOTAL Synthetic Oil made in France



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